Clear Pigment
Using Q-switch 1064mm laser technology that superficial and deep benign pigmentations, such as melasma, freckles, lentigines and other photodamaged skin conditions.
Clear Lift
The lastest technology of laser facelift (collagen remodelling). Provides powerful energy and gives significant improvements on fine lines and wrinkles, while promoting an even skin tone and rejuvenation.
Clear Skin
The latest laser breakthrough that signifacntly reduces mild to moderate acne. Equipped with vacuum and cooling system that gives comfortable experience during treatment.
Mild <5spot
Moderate 5-10 spot
Severe >10 spot
Surface Skin Rejuvenation
Phototheraphy technology that targets on superficial skin rejuvenation to promote an even skin tone and clear complexions.
Ultra Rejuvenation
A combination of two technologies - laser and phototheraphy, which targets on two different layers of the skin. It is performed to achieve the best result of skin rejuventaion.
Clear Tattoo
Designed with powerful and non-evasive technology, this laser is used for tattoo-removal of any colours, including black, green or red tattoo colours. (Price /area (4x5cm))
August 2019
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Our Lasers are clinically proven in extensive clinical studies and FDA-cleared for over 65 indications.